Rise Up Conference

Dana Stone
Dana Stone
California State Unversity Northridge
Dana Stone
Dana Stone, Ph.D., LMFT, is an Associate Professor of MFT at CSUN. Her teaching and research focus on deepening understanding of multiraciality and expanding multiculturally sensitive and socially just clinical supervision.


The First Domino: Naming anti-Blackness a Call for Personal and Professional Action
In the wake of explicit racial injustice, discussions about anti-Blackness have become more common, however, injustice persists. Anti-Blackness at its core dehumanizes Black individuals and further removes consciousness of the historical and contemporary systemic racism that Black individuals have suffered for centuries. Today we see this evidenced by the continued murders of unarmed Black individuals at the hands of police, and the physical, emotional, and mental brutalizing of school-aged children in schools across the U.S. To understand why anti-Blackness has persisted for centuries in the U.S., it is critical to examine the white supremacist and colonial frameworks on which this country was founded. Naming is a critical step in framing the problem of anti-Blackness and racism and promotes active engagement in anti-racist practices. It is not enough to “not be a racist.” Anti-racism is the work we all must do to dismantle racist policies and racial hierarchy to yield racial equity. For this session, presenters will share their journey navigating anti-Blackness and white supremacy. Participants in this session will engage in meaningful reflection about their own experiences in a facilitated dialogue. Participants will identify personal steps necessary to dismantle anti-blackness and white supremacy and to engage in anti-racist practices.