Rise Up Conference

Janet Lazar
Janet Lazar
Penny Lane Centers
Janet Lazar
Janet Lazar is a Licensed MFT and Art Therapist. She has worked in community mental health for approximately 14 1/2 years and at Penny Lane for almost eight years. Janet believes in the mission of community mental health and the idea of being a domino.


Connecting to Ourselves & Each Other
The presentation will begin by visually showing historical connectivity. This will segway showing a culturally sensitive collage box with imagery that can be used for the next intervention. The Tree of Life Intervention will be shown, connecting people to their roots and resilience. The next intervention will show how to incorporate migration history, family mottos and cultural information on traditional genograms. A non-traditional art genogram will also be shown. Research related to incorporation of image and ritual will be included. Grief and honoring ancestors will then be discussed. Interventions such as alter making, medallions and ways to incorporate spiritual imagery will be discussed. Dia De Los Muertos interventions will be included and finally participants will be able to make their own mask after viewing art therapy mask making techniques. Participants will see how each person wears a mask and be able to create their own mask which they will take with them at the end of the presentation. The end of the presentation will summarize how the domino must connect to create change and ways to build up the population served.