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Lee Yates
Lee Yates
MA, M.Div.
Covina Community Church
Lee Yates
Lee Yates is a writer, organizer, and pastor committed to helping individuals and communities understand the hurts that impact us all and how we can grow and heal beyond those traumatic experiences. At Covina Community Church, Lee is part of a community committed to addressing systemic racism, reducing stigma around mental health, and offering safe space for LGBTQ+ community and allies to find healing. Lee’s work with trauma informed care began twenty years go after 9/11 when Eastern Mennonite University began teaching faith-based leaders how to understand trauma and lead others into healing practices. Today, trauma informed lenses impact the way he sees the world and dreams of the future.


Stop Moving My Dominos! A Trauma Informed Perspective of Social Justice
Trauma is the result of change that leaves us facing a new reality. Somehow, life “moves our dominos” and leaves us trying to figure out what could or should come next. Trauma impacts communities and individuals in parallel ways. By understanding the basics of trauma informed care, we can explore the historic harms that still ripple through our bodies and our communities. Physical and emotional responses are more easily recognized and named. Unpacking our social narratives to reveal cycles of blame and justifications for harm can be more complicated. Finding ways to acknowledge the pain of the past and provide safe space for healing and growing moving forward is at the core of anti-racism and restorative justice efforts. By learning to see each other as similarly hurting rather than separate or “other” we can work together to bring about healing in families, communities, and our own hearts.