Rise Up Conference

Oct. 18, 2023

9AM - 5PM

What is the RISE UP Conference?

Penny Lane Centers proudly presents Rise Up: Be the Domino, a one-day conference to build awareness and enhance understanding on racial and social justice issues.

The domino effect is a chain reaction that occurs when one event sets off a series of similar, related, or connected events. It is a reference to a series of standing dominoes, each of which topples the next, creating a chain reaction. The domino effect is often used as a metaphor for cause-and-effect relationships. It is also a popular way to describe complex situations or systems because it helps people understand how different events or factors can interact with each other.

Since the killing of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, Penny Lane has taken on the challenge of bringing about social change. It is time to take action against prejudice and discrimination. As a result, we formed the Racial Justice Committee, which has been committed to looking at policies and procedures both within and outside of the agency so that we work to bring about change. In 2022 we hosted the inaugural Rise Up Conference which drew 200 community partners together to address, discuss and share the social and racial injustices that continue to exist in our society. At Penny Lane Centers, we will not and do not tolerate prejudicial and discriminatory practices towards anyone. We work to demonstrate this in everything we do across all programs. We, at Penny Lane, have taken action to be a part of the change. In 2023, we ask you how you are going to be part of the change, how will you be the domino? This, our second, Rise Up, will provide us with the platform needed to start making these changes. We hope to be joined by professionals, students, community leaders, government officials and our clients to learn and grow together. We vow to always provide a space for learning and understanding.

Racial inequality has been woven into the fabric of our society, but that does not make it okay. In the last three years we, at Penny Lane, have been asking ourselves what we can do to make a difference? How can we be a part of the change? Rise Up is just one example of the many things that we have committed to doing to bring awareness and attention to the issues that continue to impact the BIPOC community. During a person’s life, they may be victimized by prejudice or a witness to it. In either case, we know that these practices still exist and must stop. We can learn to advocate for ourselves and others. We can learn what it is to truly be an ally or better yet, an accomplice. This has perhaps never been truer than it is now. The data shows that today’s BIPOC communities continue to be marginalized, disproportionately represented, and dismissed as second-class citizens.

In 2023 we are still inundated with messages of exclusion. Whether it’s the death of Tyre Nichols or the mass shooting at a church, we know that we must take a stand. Basic racial history is essential for children to understand their country, their privilege, and the lived experience of others. Societal ideas about racial equity must be addressed and must be changed for there to be true equity. Through our one-day conference, it is our hope that you will be called to action to become the domino. It is our hope that you too will Rise Up.

"How wonderful it is that no one has to wait but can start right now to gradually change the world."

-Anne Frank

How can we support Racial Justice?

  • Communicating the Why to help professionals understand whatever the big idea at hand is
  • Working with youth of color and immigrants
  • Inquiring about and being respectful of a person’s racial and ethnic identity
  • Acknowledging our collective pain and resilience
  • Safe and supported forums for these uncomfortable conversations
  • Reduction of and coping strategies as regards bullying for LGBTQ individuals
  • Engaging parents as adult allies supporting BIPOC communities
  • Navigating the current socio-political realities for BIPOC people
  • Utilizing social media to support and encourage people of all ethnicities
  • Taking an interpretive approach to our learning journey




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OCTOBER 16, 2023




OCTOBER 16, 2023


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